Na Jia, on why it's essential to focus on consumer needs

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We speak to Na Jia, ReMark’s CEO about consumer centricity, digital transformation and planning for the future of insurance.

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Na, what is insurance’s role in society?

"I think the answer is pretty straightforward: insurance is to protect people. We could get ill, or our family could need support, or the climate changes, a flood happens, and insurance provides the protection.

When we started our annual Global Consumer Study, what we discovered is that lots of research and publications are done by industry experts. But we seem to have forgotten to ask consumers what they think, what they need and what they want. The intention of the GCS is to give a voice to consumers."

We seem to have forgotten to ask consumers what they think.

Na Jia CEO, ReMark

How is insurance changing in 2023?

"You know we, as an industry, recognised for a while the importance of digital transformation. We probably all recognised what happened during the pandemic. It made us realise there is no alternative but to go digital when it comes to certain aspects of the insurance experience.

And as an industry, we need to move with the times. We need to be where our consumers want to be. Insurance plays a very important role: to make society more resilient and more robust.

Digital tools are helping us to make insurance more accessible, so people understand what they purchase. We also need to make sure our claims process is as painless as possible for consumers."

This interview is part of ReMark’s ‘Insurance & Beyond’ series, which asks experts in insurance about the latest trends and dynamics in the sector.

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