SCOR L&H announces the launch of its GenAI-powered client solution for medical underwriting & claims

Scor gen ai announcement

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Leveraging GenAI models, SCOR has developed a GenAI-powered underwriting and claims assistant delivering increased efficiency and driving better decision-making by providing faster access to enriched information for clients.

As the insurance industry takes another step towards next-gen underwriting, SCOR is focusing on the development of explainable and reliable AI-augmented systems to unleash the full potential of optimized medical underwriting for its clients.

“By combining this new GenAI technology and our deep expertise in applying AI to underwriting, and medical knowledge, we are committed to augmenting the underwriting and claims journey for the benefit of our clients, and ultimately the end-customer,” said David Sütterle, Chief Client Solutions Officer at SCOR Life & Health (L&H). “We truly believe in the value that we can realize by leveraging our risk knowledge with technology as an enabler.”

Our underwriters, actuaries, data scientists, and Chief Medical Officers are harnessing the diverse range of GenAI models available today to build a powerful GenAI solution that carefully manages risk, whilst integrating information from our existing underwriting guidelines to provide valuable and critical support for experts' decisions.

As a first step, SCOR’s GenAI-powered underwriting and claims assistant provides summaries from scanned and digital medical reports. This is a key time-saver for many L&H underwriters, who would otherwise spend hours retrieving information from hundreds of pages.

“The underwriting and claims assistant encompasses insurance context and risk knowledge, where our team has been effectively engineering the solution to manage the potential challenges associated with using GenAI in our industry,” explained Sütterle. “We have tested the solution in pilot programs with SCOR's in-house underwriters, are in client discussions across the world, and expect to fully deploy it later this year. Partnering with our clients, we are eager to see the impact of this innovative solution.”

Moving forward, the GenAI solution will power the entire portfolio of SCOR's risk assessment solutions. SOLEM, SCOR’s underwriting manual, already leverages data and predictive models in certain markets to offer up-to-date and inclusive guidelines. With GenAI, SCOR will offer an enhanced experience for SOLEM users, by allowing them to pre-select decision proposals in SOLEM rating grids, based on information captured from applicants’ evidence. This will help underwriters save time and focus on their core risk assessment activity.

Above and beyond, SCOR’s ambitions with AI extend across the entire solution portfolio, including our automated underwriting system, Velogica, and our newly developed claims system, VClaims. SCOR is investing in its mission of sharing risk knowledge with its clients through innovative reinsurance solutions and the best possible tools, to push the boundaries of the Art & Science of Risk.

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