Project & Business Support Executive copy


Permanent (full time)



The Role

  • Design, develop, deploy, and maintain modular cloud-based systems using cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes
  • Implement optimal cloud solutions for the platform to fulfill requirements set by the PO (architecture, storage & computer services, cost monitoring and optimization, role management)
  • Identify, analyze, and resolve infrastructure vulnerabilities and application deployment issues
  • Audit cloud infrastructure and make continuous recommendations for improvements
  • Collaborating with engineering and development teams to evaluate and identify improvements/extensions needed for our multi-cloud platform
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the colleagues in our multi-national team and global stakeholders
  • Keep organized on tools such as Confluence to ensure business continuity.
  • Receive, process and document feedback from stakeholders and development teams to continuously improve our infrastructure.

What you bring

In addition to technical abilities, you:

  • Are an effective team player
  • Are an effective communicator
  • Are an Innovative thinker
  • Relate to core values
  • Take charge of self-development and self-awareness
  • Understand the importance of compliance with corporate policy
  • Recognize opportunities and initiate actions to capitalize on them. Look for new and productive ways to make an impact
  • Produce clear, complete and professional forms of communication in writing that meet the needs of the intended audience
  • Have exceptional interpersonal skill; Initiative, self-confident, strong team player

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or mathematics
  • Minimal five (5) years of experience as a Cloud Engineer or similar role with at least one of the major cloud providers (Azure, AWS and/or GCP)
  • Azure, AWS, and GCP certifications preferred
  • Experience with container technologies like Docker
  • Experience with Kubernetes on topics such as:
    • Ability to manage application deployment on a K8S platform (pods, worker nodes, node selector, etc.)
    • In-depth knowledge of routing network traffic and network security with K8S
    • In-depth knowledge of available provisioning storage options and limits (persistent storage)
    • In-depth knowledge of Kube security and security mechanisms available to security between containers, pods, and the Kubernetes cluster
    • In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes High Availability (auto-scaling, probes, load balancing)
  • Experience in securing cloud applications (certificate management, HTTPS security, OAuth2 authentication, credential management)
  • Experience with infrastructure provisioning best practices with infrastructure-as-code
  • Experience with tooling around CI/CD
  • No problem expressing yourself in professional and technical English in writing and speaking
  • Strong analytical skills and know how to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Experience with security and compliance-related challenges
  • Knowledge of working using Agile/Scrum-principles

Nice to have

  • Experience with various PaaS components offered by GCP, AWS and/or Azure
  • Experience with AliCloud/Aliyun

What we offer

  • Great company culture
  • Competitive salary
  • Private company pension plan
  • Flexible remote-work policy
  • Training & professional development opportunities
  • Sustainable & single-use plastic-free office environment
  • Working in a global, entrepreneurial ‘start-up’ environment within the established SCOR Group
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Na Jia ReMark CEO

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