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Good Life is powered by SCOR’s proprietary algorithm, Biological Age Model (BAM). BAM was specifically designed by SCOR’s actuarial team to enable individual risk profiling and premium adjustments based on wearable data.

With 20 years of biometrical and physical activity data, BAM is scientifically proven to improve the biometric risk of the world population by encouraging policyholders to be more active. It enables real-time, dynamic underwriting and encourages healthy policyholder behaviors through incentivizing them via rewards.

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Based on metrics

BAM helps users quantify their fitness efforts by translating 5 key metrics (Steps, BMI, Active Calories, Resting Heart Rate and Sleep Hours) into Biological Age reductions. These metrics are all easily viewed on the app’s Activity tab, maximizing the user’s sense of control over their Health & Wellness journey.

Users can conveniently track these metrics and their overall activity level through their Biological Age, earning points along the way which can then be redeemed for rewards.

Simply put - the more active you are, the younger you become and the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can get!

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Rooted in behavioral psychology

Good Life encourages positive behavior through motivational gamified UX.

Features include:

  • Personalized coaching messages to motivate & encourage
  • Individual metrics view to easily track progress
  • Daily points earning to promote continuous gratification
  • Leaderboards to encourage competition
  • Friends engagement features to reinforce positive peer pressure
  • Rewards redemption to maintain constant usage
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Fueled by strategic engagement

Good Life’s team of marketing experts can support you throughout the Customer Journey, from awareness & outreach to onboarding & ongoing engagement.

We can tailor a comprehensive marketing and communications plan covering new customer acquisition and existing customer engagement.

Real-time reporting enables us to identify and optimize key engagement drivers focused on not only retaining users, but also improving their activity metrics.

Engagement strategy examples:

  • Holistic wellness content creation – financial, physical & mental
  • Themed challenges – Olympics, charity events
  • Team competitions – inter-office, inter-region
  • Personalized videos highlighting individual achievements
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Case studies

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    The Good Life App: Your Sales Accelerator

    See how Good Life can enhance your sales & retention strategy.

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    Engagement: Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

    Discover why engagement is at the core of every successful Health & Wellness program —and how Good Life sets the benchmark.

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Sharing Insight-led Innovation

  • HEAT UP: Health Engagement Activity Trends

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    Benefit from the research and insight ReMark freely provides through their 8th annual Global Consumer Study—the largest of its kind in the world.
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Meet the company behind Good Life

ReMark is the world's largest insurance consultancy helping insurers grow sustainably. Part of the SCOR Group, we help our clients gain, retain and engage customers. Good Life is part of ReMark's industry-leading suite of InsurTech solutions and its benchmark engagement platform.
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