Make underwriting decisions faster so you can process larger volumes of business.

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Underwriting is the heart of insurance. With instant risk assessments you can give your customers a better, faster experience—and boost sales. Velogica fits seamlessly into your existing acquisition process and supports multiple, complex products, rulesets and completion methods to cover every case possible.

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Lightning-quick decisions

  • Dynamic risk questionnaire and tailored pricing
  • Real-time underwriting
  • Vary questions and outcomes
  • Evaluate complex, composite medical conditions
  • Secure and confidential
  • Inclusive underwriting rules

Secure online access

Velogica supplies an end-to-end online platform for fast, secure access 24/7. Give your customers a better underwriting experience with dynamic online health questionnaires.
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Modular and flexible

Our white-labelled, modular solution fits into your existing tech environments, languages and markets. Velogica supports pricing variation rules like loadings and exclusions, and caters to a range of attributes from gender to occupation.
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Agile data analytics

Get in-depth insights about your business through process evaluation, customer analytics and data visualisation in real time. Velogica allows you to increase the accuracy and speed of underwriting results.
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Engineered for next-gen underwriting

By combining SCOR Global Life’s SOLEM underwriting expertise and reinsurance services with ReMark’s tech solutions, Velogica meets the demands of today’s users—be they customers, advisers or underwriters.
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Velogica in figures

  • 90+% of underwriting evaluations within 1 minute
  • 5% of applications require human underwriting
  • 24/7 underwriting capability

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