Velogica 2.0: Improving the No. 1 e-underwriting platform in France

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Now integrating a new API, revamped UI/UX platform and SCOR’s cutting-edge biometric risk calculator VITAE, Velogica’s latest update means it continues to provide a seamless and inclusive e-underwriting journey for insurance customers

Moving to a faster, more secure API solution

In Q4, ReMark’s Velogica rules engine will be offered as an API-based solution. This new approach to system integration and data transmission will allow insurers to have greater scalability and implement Velogica faster into their existing CRM platforms, reducing deployment timelines by up to 30%. Customers can expect 90% underwriting decisions to be made within one minute, with less than 10% of cases requiring human intervention. The API model also ensures that access and authentication can be limited to authorised individuals, in line with ReMark’s ISO27001 certification on information security.

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Revamping our UI/UX for a seamless experience

Velogica’s user interface has been revamped, and customers are guaranteed a highly responsive, seamless experience as they move from quote through to health declaration and policy issuance. Our portal solution has many new features including a secure medical space for customers, an admin dashboard for agents, and a dedicated workbench for underwriters.

VITAE: Inclusive underwriting through machine learning

Based on large and deep datasets, and leveraging machine learning, VITAE, SCOR’s cutting-edge biometric risk calculator, will be offered in the Velogica solution. This new calculator enables a more inclusive underwriting, extending the spectrum of risks that can be underwritten and offering underwriting decisions that fit the individual profile of each applicant.

Insurers will also benefit from access to PowerBI performance dashboards, and regular industry benchmarking reports.

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At SCOR, we are proud to push the borders of insurability. Integrating VITAE in Velogica 2.0 is a new step in making insurance more inclusive and accessible to people with pre-existing conditions thanks to the latest scientific advance, data and AI

Barthélémy Philippe Head of France, Belux, Lebanon et francophone Africa

Velogica 2.0 will serve our clients in an even more secure, seamless and future-proof fashion. With 21 clients and 200,000 cases treated in 2021, Velogica is the No. 1 automated medical underwriting platform in France. Thanks to the feedback of our clients, we are proud to present an innovative new version of Velogica with this API breakthrough and improved user interface and experience

Jérémy Speed ReMark’s Head of France and the U.K.

Glossary of terms

API: Application Programming Interface: set of protocols, languages allowing two different softwares to communicate between one another

UI/UX: User Interface and User Experience

Power BI: Microsoft tool to visualise data