SCOR and Microsoft Unite for an AI-Powered (Re)Insurance Hackathon

RTM Hackathon team

SCOR and Microsoft recently joined forces to hold a collaborative hackathon on using generative AI in (re)insurance, with promising results. We explore what lessons were learnt during the three-day hackathon...

With tech & data playing a key role in SCOR’s new strategic plan, Forward 2026, this collaboration with Microsoft underscores the importance SCOR places on exploiting the full potential of new technologies to drive innovation in the (re)insurance industry. It also highlights the potential for leveraging AI to create concrete solutions to complex challenges.

The hackathon featured eight multidisciplinary teams, working on eight different (re)insurance use cases for AI. The teams were made up of employees from the L&H, P&C, data science and digital solutions fields, with four working from the Microsoft Technology Center in Paris, while others worked from SCOR Digital Solutions offices in Rotterdam and Kuala Lumpur.

Over three intensive days, and under the guidance of Microsoft experts, the teams were tasked with using their own creativity and leveraging Microsoft expertise in applying generative AI tools to solve real challenges faced by the insurance industry:

Team 1

Medical Detection:

Automating the detection of medical impairments from Life & Health underwriting documents.

Team 2

Data Capture:

Automating data capture of financial, treaty and other important unstructured information from P&C documents.

Team 3

Search Improvement:

Improving the search capability of our knowledge management system by providing more accurate search results.

Team 4

Code Copilots:

Using copilots to enhance code quality and documentation.

Team 5

Rule Optimisation:

Optimising underwriting/claims rule sets and detecting gaps in decision trees.

Team 6

Outcome Conversion:

Converting underwriting/claims outcomes to a customer-friendly format.

Team 7

Document Verification:

Verifying underwriting documents uploaded against a requirements list.

Team 8

Task configuration:

Configuring tailored monthly tasks and rewards for clients in the Good Life health and wellness engagement app.

The event explores how we can use generative AI to optimise our offerings.

Martijn Reijerse Head of Technology, SCOR Digital Solutions.

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At the conclusion of the event this week, Microsoft experts assessed the projects from the hackathon, reflecting our practical approach to leveraging data and technology. The outcomes from this event hold the promise of streamlining our processes and improving customer experiences. Our teams' focus during the hackathon was on the valuable lessons learned about generative AI and its potential applications within digital solutions.

The hackathon was successful in driving innovative approaches to ongoing initiatives, providing fresh perspectives, and fostering collaboration among key business functions. This success is not only a reflection of SCOR’s ongoing commitment to leveraging leading data and tech, but also indicative of a strong desire to collaborate with industry leaders like Microsoft to develop best-in-class solutions for clients.

I look forward to bringing some of the excellent ideas generated during these intense three days into life.

Thibault Antoine Chief Analytics Officer, SCOR.

“We’re proud to see SCOR teams working together with the latest generative AI technology. This first hackathon, in collaboration with Microsoft, is a great demonstration into how SCOR will drive value creation and shape the reinsurer of tomorrow as part of Forward 2026, our new strategic plan. I look forward to bringing some of the excellent ideas generated during these intense three days into life.” says Thibault Antoine, Chief Analytics Officer at SCOR.

“Together with our SCOR colleagues from around the world, we were delighted to be host this special Hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft. The event explored how we can use generative AI to optimise our offerings, ensuring we can continue to provide futureproof digital solutions for our clients and the consumers they serve.” says Martijn Reijerse, Head of Technology at SCOR Digital Solutions.