Summer Poll Friday: what we learnt from you

Summer Poll Friday

We recently launched Summer Poll Friday, a weekly series of LinkedIn polls throughout the summer, to shed light on people's perspectives around mental health engagement, insurance preferences, and wellness-related technology. Let's delve into the findings and unravel the tapestry of opinions that emerged.

Poll 1: Navigating mental health transparency

"Are you open to answering mental health questions from an employer or insurer if they offer a good mental health scheme?"

  • Yes, from an employer - 4%
  • Yes, from an insurer - 26%
  • Both the above - 48%
  • No, uncomfortable to share - 22%

As the stigma around mental health gradually dissipates, individuals are contemplating sharing their experiences with employers and insurers. This underscores the pivotal role that workplaces and insurers can play in fostering a holistic sense of wellbeing.

Poll 2: The pursuit of holistic coverage

"When buying insurance cover, is it important to you to have a health & wellness programme included?"

  • Yes, very important - 27%
  • Yes, fairly important - 32%
  • I use another solution - 19%
  • Not interested in tracking - 22%

With a combined 59% indicating the importance of having health & wellness programmes, it's clear that individuals are increasingly recognising the interconnectedness of insurance and overall wellness. This could signal a broader shift towards proactive healthcare strategies.

Poll 3: ChatGPT's impact on health & wellness consultations

"Have you consulted ChatGPT for health & wellness concerns, and if so, how did you find it?"

  • Yes, insightful & in-depth - 27%
  • No, unhelpful/irrelevant - 14%
  • May consider in future - 50%
  • No, due to privacy concerns - 9%

In a digital age, seeking advice from AI-driven platforms is becoming a norm. Our findings indicate that while many find ChatGPT insightful and in-depth, privacy concerns and relevancy issues are barriers for some. However, an impressive 50% are open to considering this avenue in the future, indicating its potential impact.

Poll 4: Crafting an insurance narrative for the next generation

"What do you think is the most effective way to market insurance to Millennials & Gen Z?"

  • TikTok/Instagram videos - 54%
  • Direct mail/email - 6%
  • Social media ads - 37%
  • Other (comment below) - 3%

When it comes to captivating Millennials and Gen Z, social media emerges as a clear victor, with a staggering 54% favouring TikTok and Instagram videos. The future of insurance marketing hinges on mastering the art of visual storytelling to engage younger audiences.

Poll 5: The claims conundrum

"How satisfied are you with your recent claim experience?"

  • Very satisfied - 13%
  • Somewhat satisfied - 53%
  • Neutral - 13%
  • Dissatisfied - 20%

Satisfaction with insurance claims remains a mixed bag. This signals the need for insurers to improve claims processes, as an enriched claims experience could become a differentiating factor in the competitive insurance landscape, boosting overall customer satisfaction.

Poll 6 & 7: The pay-as-you-go paradigm

"Would you consider pay-as-you-go insurance where a small percentage of your daily spend contributes to your insurance cover?"

  • Yes, it's a good idea - 61%
  • No, uninterested in this - 6%
  • Maybe, need more info - 33%

The concept of pay-as-you-go insurance is capturing attention, with a significant 61% expressing interest in its innovative approach. This ties into the broader trend of personalised and adaptable insurance models that cater to individual needs.

"What would be your preferred way to contribute to pay-as-you-go insurance coverage?"

  • Adding a small amount per use - 31%
  • Adding a fixed amount daily - 13%
  • Adding X% for every Y spent - 56%

The rise of pay-as-you-go insurance indicates an appetite for flexible, tailored coverage that resonates with the evolving lifestyles of today.

Poll 8: Tailoring Health & Wellness Apps

"What type of content do you most value in a health & wellness app?"

  • Coaching - 20%
  • Daily exercise - 32%
  • Group challenges - 8%
  • Rewards - 40%

Insurance providers should prioritise offering health and wellness apps that heavily emphasise rewards and daily exercise as these clearly resonate. This insight is crucial for tailoring offerings to encourage healthier lifestyles and engagement, and it may potentially lead to reduced healthcare costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Forging an inclusive and holistic future

Our LinkedIn poll series has unveiled a wealth of opinions and perspectives. The journey towards holistic wellbeing is marked by evolving narratives and the constant pursuit of tailored solutions. As insurers and employers continue to navigate this landscape, the key lies in embracing these insights to create a healthier and more connected future.

The exposure for these polls was limited to ReMark's LinkedIn audience and participation levels were varied across topics. The results should solely be taken as indicative and not cited as comprehensive research. For full consumer research, explore our Global Consumer Study of over 12,000 consumers from 22 markets around the World.