How to differentiate a health & wellness programme in a competitive market

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During the pandemic, BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited (BOCL) introduced our health & wellness engagement app Good Life to the Hong Kong market. Here, we take a look at the various elements that made the programme a success.

Making a mark in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly competitive market, as most leading insurers already have established health & wellness programmes. Back in 2021, BOCL collaborated with ReMark and Garmin to launch the Live Young Rewards App. The aim was to engage consumers from a social aspect and empower them to live healthier lives. 

BOCL stood out from the competition with:

  • 1 fresh new brand 'Live Young' created
  • 6,000 participants engaged at a live community event
  • 20,000 meals sponsored to underprivileged families 
  • 80,000 active members across 2 years

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Impacting community, changing lifestyles

As one of the top market leaders, BOCL sought a platform that combined gamification and social aspects. The Live Young app uses SCOR's proprietary Biological Age Model (BAM) algorithm to track key health metrics and produce daily Bio Age results, which are converted into points and rewards that users can redeem.

The programme also emphasises ESG initiatives, where users are encouraged to convert their points for donations to underprivileged families in Hong Kong. 

By marrying the strengths of electronic health data and user engagement, Live Young has helped BOCL expand their protection coverage to local communities.