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Our 10th Global Consumer Study

The freshest insights on Gen Z & Millennial consumers, from data-sharing and mental health to insurance literacy.

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Insurance & young people

Let’s put people at the heart of the insurance experience.

This year’s study spans 22 markets around the world, with a special focus on Gen Zs and Millennials. We discover 7 key insights on the attitudes and opinions of young people to pave the future of insurance, and take a deep dive into our 10 year data.
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This year’s findings

Reviews > price

When it comes to making purchase decisions, good online reviews are superior to price in young people’s choices. Learn how enhancing online reputation could attract this demographic.
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Integrating lifestyle cover

Over half of Gen Z respondents are open to embedding insurance in ride-share apps like Uber. Discover why leveraging embedded cover could help you tap into evolving lifestyle trends.
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A healthier tomorrow

Health-conscious living has emerged as a stronger predictor of insurance adoption than income level. Understand the health preferences which are most important to young consumers today.
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